I Can’t Imagine Living Anywhere else

When I accepted a position at the local college, I decided to move closer to where I would be working. The drive would have only been about 40 minutes each way had I not moved, but I could think of so many things that I could be doing each day other than sitting in the car for well over an hour. I just wanted to look at Ballantyne apartments that are close to the college, and also one that meant I would not have to deal with a lot of traffic issues for other things I like to do in the city.

When I came across the one I live in now, I knew that it was meant to be. Read More »

Relocating to a Luxury Apartment in Miami

My parents retired and relocated to Miami, FL three years ago. Since then, my father has endured some serious medical issues and I have decided to move closer to them so I can help out. I talked this over with my husband and he suggested we look for apartments for rent in North Bay Village. That would only be within a few miles of my parent’s house. I haven’t told them yet that we are moving closer to them and can’t wait to give them the good news.

I did exactly as my husband suggested and was happily surprised at the search results for apartments. There was one that I kept going back to that really stood out to me. It doesn’t just have a pool, it has three bay front resort-style swimming pools. Joining a gym won’t be an issue since they have a fully equipped onsite fitness center that is open 24 hours a day. There are a lot more amenities but those really captured my attention. While looking at the floor plans of the different apartments I was stunned at how spacious some of them were. Read More »

An Apartment That Fits Us Much Better

My husband and I have been taking care of his little brother for nearly three years now. There is quite an age difference between the two. My husband is 33 years old, and his brother has just turned 11. He was a surprise baby, and another surprise came when their mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer several years ago. As a result, he now lives with us. We had been living in our small house, but I decided to look at two bedroom apartments in Asheville NC because things were just too cramped for us, especially with how active in sports his brother is. Read More »

I Refuse to Be One of Those Women Who Puts Up with Emotional Abuse for Years

I got married 12 months ago, and I am already divorced. It was my first marriage, and I plan to lead the single life for quite some time. It didn’t take me long to look at Colton CA apartments to get a place so that I could move out of our home and into something of my own as quickly as possible. I don’t think my ex-husband believed that I would do it, but I warned him that I would. He should have known better, and it’s his problem that he refused to get help.

Sometimes I run across people who are absolutely appalled that someone would get a divorce. Their opinion is that people should stay together at all costs to “work things out.” I already tried working things out, and he refused to try to work with me on our relationship. Other people’s opinions don’t matter to me much, especially when they aren’t the one who has to live with a truly problematic person. I’m not sure how long people expected me to try to make things work, but I was not going to lose more time in a bad situation any longer.

When I meant my ex-husband, he was mostly a gracious person. I did see some wag, but I thought we could work them out. The flags were that he was aggressive with me at times. After we married, it escalated and he began threatening me. I suggested counseling, and he refused. I tried reasoning with him, and he refused to listen. When it continued, I told him that I was getting a lawyer and moving out. I was out of there within 24 hours. It surprised him, and it was ony then that he said he would try to change. But knowing that he had refused many times previously and only decided to care when he knew I was strong enough to walk meant that he’d blown his many previous chances.

I Wasn’t Brought Up Here in This City, but I Moved Here As Soon As Possible

One of the things that I like about living in my state is that the terrain is not the same all over. And one section of the state you have desert, and another section it is very mountainous, and then one side of the state is bordered by beautiful beaches. I’m a beach girl, so I went search for Oceanside apartments to find something as close to the water as possible. I wanted the ability to come home from work at night and simply walk to the beach in minutes if that’s what I wanted to do.

Growing up in the desert meant that I wasn’t around water all that much. We had lakes, but they are not the same as living on the coast. Read More »

A Great Apartment at a Reasonable Rate

I did not need a big apartment when I decided to move. I am not the kind of person to accumulate a lot of things, including furniture. I live a very minimalist lifestyle, which is why I just wanted to look at studio apartments for rent in Mission Viejo. That doesn’t mean that I wanted to live just anywhere though. Just because I did not need a large two bedroom apartment with a ton of space did not mean that I wanted to live in a small dump somewhere.

I still wanted the inside of the apartment to be nice, and I wanted to have some amenities out in the common areas because I do spend a lot of time at home when I am not working. Read More »