How Can Solar Energy Be Stored?

Solar energy is sustainable and can be converted into power via a special panel that looks like a fuse box. It is used widely in some countries, but has yet to become an uninterrupted energy source for every day use. The problem is long-term storage of that power. When the sun is not shining, no energy is being produced. That is why homes with solar panels are also still connected to the electricity grid to have power at night time. Excess energy is added to the grid and discounted off the next electric bill. It can be used immediately, and stored to a small extent, but not harnessed for long periods of time. There are many companies attempting to develop batteries that are capable of storing solar energy.

The proverbial race is on and the company that succeeds at developing new technology first can make investors rich. A new type of battery is in the works by companies such as Aquion and 24M. Magnavolt, Aquacell, and NoPoPo are companies that have had some success in creating batteries that are activated by using water. Dirt is another material being explored for this purpose. Most investors do not know much about these companies because most are not publicly traded yet. The JOBS Act, passed in 2012, allows companies to offer shares to two-thousand investors without becoming a publicly traded company. It is typically leaders in the industry, large investors, and experts with connections that are made aware of these opportunities. Companies want substantial amounts of money to be invested, so they favor millionaires and investment groups for the start up phases of development.

Storing solar energy on a wide scale is close to being a reality. Some experts are willing to share whatever information they have with investors who subscribe to their websites. The risks are high because the company that succeeds will breakout from the other companies. Backing the wrong one can end up losing investors a significant amount of money. Selecting the right company will pay high returns. Exclusive information, explanations for recommendations, and all options detailed online for members can lead investors to a huge windfall. Research websites carefully before subscribing to any.