Reviewing Details About Accidents With A Fairfax Car Accident Lawyer

In Virginia, state laws identify the penalties for violations of traffic laws. These laws are in place to reduce the volume of accidents and personal injuries. In addition to these traffic laws, the state enforces auto insurance requirements. These laws mitigate risks associated with personal injury lawsuits. The following is a review of details about associated accidents and claims managed by a Fairfax Car Accident Lawyer.

Exploring Comparative Fault

Comparative fault indicates that the victim of the accident played a role in causing the accident. These rulings are based on any moving violation committed by the victim. According to these laws, the monetary award in which the victim could receive is reduced. The judge applies a percentage according to the moving violation committed. If the percentage exceeds 50%, the case is dismissed, and the victim won’t receive any compensation.

Criminal Acts During Accidents

The most common criminal acts associated with an auto accident are reckless driving and DUI. A DUI could increase the liability for the at-fault driver. They will face criminal charges for the DUI. If they are convicted, this outcome could influence the result of the personal injury claim. This could lead to a higher award for the victim.

Reviewing Insurance Claims

If the at-fault driver has insurance, they are required to file a claim for the victim’s injuries. The claim’s adjuster manages the claim for them and acquires information from the victim. The adjuster needs an estimate for auto repairs and all medical invoices for the victim’s medical treatment.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance coverage, the victim must file a legal claim to acquire compensation. Their attorney helps them gather all necessary documentation for the claim. They also acquire depositions from any witnesses that saw the accident. These claims enable the victim to seek compensation for all monetary losses associated with the auto accident.

In Virginia, auto accidents lead to serious injuries. In some instances, these injuries are life-altering. Victims who sustained these injuries have access to legal avenues to seek compensation. Victims of these auto accidents contact an attorney today to start their legal claims now.