A Great Apartment at a Reasonable Rate

I did not need a big apartment when I decided to move. I am not the kind of person to accumulate a lot of things, including furniture. I live a very minimalist lifestyle, which is why I just wanted to look at studio apartments for rent in Mission Viejo. That doesn’t mean that I wanted to live just anywhere though. Just because I did not need a large two bedroom apartment with a ton of space did not mean that I wanted to live in a small dump somewhere.

I still wanted the inside of the apartment to be nice, and I wanted to have some amenities out in the common areas because I do spend a lot of time at home when I am not working. I am not the type to go out to the bars or nightclubs, to go shopping or even out to eat a lot. I like staying home, but I still wanted to be able to just walk out my front door and do some fun things. I was really happy when I came across the apartment that I now live in because it has everything I could want.

The studio apartment is actually a lot bigger than I was expecting, but it is still doable for me. There is separate sleep area which surprised me, and the bathroom and kitchen are just the right sizes for me. There is a large patio right off the living room and even a small but still separate dining area. There are a lot of community features too, and it really is the best place I have ever lived. The nice part about that is how inexpensive it is too. The pricing is competitive, so that allows me to have a great apartment at an extremely reasonable rate.