I Wasn’t Brought Up Here in This City, but I Moved Here As Soon As Possible

One of the things that I like about living in my state is that the terrain is not the same all over. And one section of the state you have desert, and another section it is very mountainous, and then one side of the state is bordered by beautiful beaches. I’m a beach girl, so I went search for Oceanside apartments to find something as close to the water as possible. I wanted the ability to come home from work at night and simply walk to the beach in minutes if that’s what I wanted to do.

Growing up in the desert meant that I wasn’t around water all that much. We had lakes, but they are not the same as living on the coast. My parents took me to the coast just once when I was a teenager, but I have always remembered how much I loved it. I had not yet seen the ocean in person before that trip, and it made a big impact on me. I knew that I would one day want to get out of the desert and move somewhere along the coastline instead. The days are warm, while the nights are cool. There’s a breeze that comes in over the water and you can smell the salt water.

I moved to Oceanside a year ago, and I feel like a different person now. I feel more laid-back, peaceful and very happy. As soon as I come home from work at night, I slip out of my work clothes and throw on a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. That is what most people around here wear every day, too. I also see a low of Hawaiian-style shirts on the men here, too. When females here want to dress up, they often wear sundresses that are very colorful.