An Apartment That Fits Us Much Better

My husband and I have been taking care of his little brother for nearly three years now. There is quite an age difference between the two. My husband is 33 years old, and his brother has just turned 11. He was a surprise baby, and another surprise came when their mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer several years ago. As a result, he now lives with us. We had been living in our small house, but I decided to look at two bedroom apartments in Asheville NC because things were just too cramped for us, especially with how active in sports his brother is.

We did not know that we would be raising him when we bought our small house, and we had been using the den as his bedroom. I knew that we would have to find a bigger place one day, and I was just not satisfied with any of the houses that I had been looking at. When I came across a two bedroom apartment that has two baths, I really liked everything that I saw about it. One of the biggest perks for me other than the increased space was having the laundry on the main floor.

The washer and dryer at our old house was in the basement, which was unfinished and not very nice. Having the washer and dryer right next to the kitchen and our bedroom is so nice! We all have so much space here too. Our bedroom is bigger, and I have a garden tub in the master bathroom. The walk in closet I have is almost as big as what his brother’s room was, so you can see how small our house actually was. We are all so much happier here, and I just wish that we would have made this move much sooner!