3 Things to Avoid in Small Business SEO

As the owner of a business who’s getting ready to build or redesign the company’s website, one should consider ways to make the site more friendly to the search engines. If a business owner wants all the benefits a strong online presence, designing an SEO-friendly website is a top priority. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way to improve the visibility of a site in the search engines, which can result in increased traffic and greater sales. Business owners have many things to consider, but the three listed here are especially important.

Stay Away From Splash Pages

Many companies mistakenly put up a big banner image with a call-to-action button on their homepages. While this is fine if the owner doesn’t care what the search engines know about the site, it can be a serious error, as the homepage is likely the highest-ranking page on the entire site. Splash pages cause the search engines to gather and index the data from that particular page, which typically contains almost no content. Save the CTA buttons for individual product pages.

Not Putting Important Info in Text Form

Another common error on company websites is pertinent info that’s included as an image rather than as text. While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, the actual words will provide a greater SEO benefit to a website. Search engine spiders are able to process multiple media types, but text is the preferred SEO option, as many crawlers can’t recognize text within images. The goal should be to have text on all website pages, with transcriptions accompanying audio and video.

Optimize Every Image

When a business website includes images, they can be optimized with text for greater search visibility. One easy way to do it is to rewrite the image’s filename to include relevant keywords. This puts the page’s key terms in front of all crawlers, even those that can’t recognize text within images. Alternatively, the site can include a caption that explains the image and its relevance.

Ensuring that a company’s website is SEO-friendly can also result in it being more visitor-friendly as well. From design to functionality, websites should work well for everyone (and every program) that sees them. Visit https://excelsiorinternetmarketing.com/seo-gainesville-fl/ for more information.