Ways to Help Enhance Industrial Energy Efficiency

More than one third of the world’s energy is being used by industries for their production. Basically, this will ultimately increase with time as the developing and underdeveloped countries start embracing industrial development. This fact will ultimately contribute to the increased emission of greenhouses gas. Therefore, this condition And imminent danger can be prevented only through boosting and capitalizing on industrial energy efficiency. This article presents some initiatives that will help enhance and promote industrial energy efficiency.

First and foremost, there need to maximize and capitalize on the adoption of energy saving and low carbon practices. Governments are obligated with the responsibility of defining and implementing policies that will help industries enhance and maximize energy efficiency practices. For these policies to be developed and implemented alluringly, the government should always join ventures with the industries on this.

The second consideration or initiative to make is establishing and using energy management systems. the system enables a company to identify ways and means through which they could reduce the daily energy use which leads to an increased energy efficiency. EMS, has always proved to help manage and reduce energy costs, increase productivity and energy efficiency. A company will also benefit as the systems help manage risks and avail a reliable strategy. Therefore, there is need to have an EMS in place for the tremendous benefits.

The other initiative that will help enhance industrial energy efficiency is transparency and disclosure. Industries will always avail environmental risks and the best way to avail a solution is examining the levels of the risk. As a result, a company will manage to avail remarkable and irrefutable strategies for managing the risk. It is through transparency and disclosure that investors amongst other decision makers get to acquire data that helps them make reliable and amicable decisions.

The other initiative is carbon pricing. Companies have been using carbon pricing nowadays to acknowledge and manage energy efficient projects. Carbon pricing should be embraced by companies and incorporated in their longstanding financial plans as it is a valuable and indispensable tool for any company eyeing at increasing their energy efficiency.

Benchmarking is the last consideration to make. Nowadays, there is an increased cost of energy in all parts of the world and this cost will progressively keep increasing. Therefore, through energy efficiency, industries have managed to save a lot of money. Thus, it deems fit to benchmark other companies and identify means and ways through which they have implemented energy efficiency strategies.

There is need to have industrial energy policies in place and ready for implementation. For a low-carbon economy, there is need to embrace the available energy options like the renewable energy systems. There is need for all the companies to grow together through borrowing ideas from each other.

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