How to Get Listed on Google Maps Local Search Results

The truth is every business whether small or large requires an online presence now because creating an online presence increases the chances of getting many customers. This means that you have to have a professional well-designed online page.It is also important to work towards ensuring that people can get directions to your business premises and that means that listing yourself with the Google Maps. Given here are some tips to help you list your business with the Google Maps local search results.

You need to link Google account to your business.If you have not done that already, it is easy to wait, for instance, you should go to the and click the sign in button and then create an account. It is possible that you also have an existing account with the Google Maps and you need to sign in before you go to the next page and after accessing Google my business, willing to sign out always.

Now that you have created or signed in, you should go to Google my business. After going to my Google my business, you should type on the URL bar and type your business name.

After entering your business name, you need to enter your business information that is your name and address. Next, you can enter your business location and be sure that you are accurate so that your customers can easily find the location. The page that follows you need to enter your business category, the phone number and your website in case of further inquiries from your customers.You have to note that anyone can enter your business info if you don’t and that is why you have to ensure that you finish entering any business info by clicking “suggests an edit” and be sure to click finish after you are done.

After you are done with the above steps, you need to verify your business. You will receive a code via your mobile phone or postcard but be sure to enter it immediately because within 30 days it expires and you need to sign in into your Google account then go to the GMB dashboard and choose the address you have received for verification. It is possible you have additional info to edit on your account and you can do that through GMB dashboard after signing in and you can also subtract some info but it can take two months.

It is more important to create a Google + page because it will help your business to rank higher in local business search of which you can also manage it through the GMB account. To create a Google+ account, you need to engage more info. on all to do it, which is available on different online platforms.

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