The Best Meal Ideas for Summer Camp

To result to the best summer camp, a menu plan is needed. Creating a menu plan considers both the campers and the budget at hand. The type campers either the children or adults play a role in summer camp menu planning. The number of people available to help, feeding of the team and the campers as well and the kind of cooking gear and storage facilities present are some of the requirements to create a menu plan. Most staff assist in meal preparation but not actual cooking in addition to coming at different time schedules when considering the number of people that will help. Campers and staff are fed in the summer camp program.

The type of campers whether children or adults requires the stock to be in plenty as adults consume a large quantity of food as compared to children. Not only does cooking gear handle the demands of the menu but also the storage facilities store supplies during the summer camp period. Various cooking gears can handle the various types of dishes. Nutrition and variety need to be encompassed in the menu plan for summer camps. Variety is important to satisfy your campers while at the same time providing nutrition.

A salad bar is great example of a food that offers variety in relation to nutrition which satisfies most children. Fruits are a good source of vitamins while vegetables provide key nutrients and minerals and is not contained in the salad bar. Desserts may also be incorporated in the menu in order to lure kids to eat their vegetables as they are picky eaters and most generally don’t like vegetables. Purchases and necessary resources are required to be acquired early on before the camping season starts. People with special diets are required to be catered for in the menu planning process. Camping foods could have packages that are ready to go and require little or no preparation or cooking.

Certain tips are necessary when finding the right summer camp. The right summer camp is found by setting your expectations. Setting of expectations can be resulted by just asking a simple question on the potential camp you have in mind. Another tip to finding the right camp is selecting the right genre which is; art, academic, traditional, adventure, special needs and athletics in order to narrow down your options.

Athletic camps as a type of genre is mainly for sporty kids who are looking to learn new skills during the summer period. Art driven individuals have a great shot to explore their artistic side in art camps. When individuals go to art camps they can focus in various areas.

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